Afterschool: Woodshop for the People

$190 usd
Thu Nov 7, 3:30 PM - Thu Dec 12, 6:00 PM (EST)
Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States  

From the forests to our hands: an introduction to working with wood.

This class is a hands-on introduction to building with wood. We’ll start from the beginning - in our local forests - learning how trees grow and how to identify different lumber species. We’ll explore the physiology of trees to understand the possibilities and limits of building, sculpting, and carving with wood. How have different tree species been used throughout history? What stories and folklore about trees and woodworking have been told? We’ll journey to a woodmill to watch the machines that turn trees into lumber. Back at Kite’s Nest we’ll get busy in our woodshop, splitting some of our own stock. Together we’ll envision our own future woodworking projects by learning to measure, mark, cut, drill, drive, nail, sand, fasten, join, bend, plane, and bevel. How can a familiarity with woodworking and carpentry help us be better community members and better environmental stewards?

Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States
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