Afterschool: Landscape Design

$250 usd
Wed Sep 18, 3:30 PM - Wed Dec 11, 6:00 PM (EDT)
Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States  

Designing our dream parks, secret gardens, hidden tunnels and more.

Do you have a favorite place to go outside? A favorite path, park, or playground? A favorite forest, cave, or farm? What makes different outdoor environments beautiful or unpleasant, fun or boring, welcoming or unwelcoming? In this class, we’ll get our hands busy and dirty as we design and build different outdoor environments, collaborating with professional landscapers and landscape architects. We’ll take field trips to different places, seeing what features of outdoor environments we like, love, and can’t stand. We’ll learn about where rain water goes when it falls, and where different plants and trees grow. With the new Kite’s Nest property as our main site and inspiration, we’ll design and draw our own dream playscapes: outdoor places where kids can explore, dig, climb and play. Then we’ll work with Kite’s Nest’s team of landscape architects to share our dreams, and bring them to life. Maybe we’ll build our own outdoor fort, a hide-and-seek tunnel, a napping hammock, or garden art…

Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States
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