Daytime: Detective Arts and Sciences

$950 usd
Tue Sep 17, 9:30 AM - Tue Dec 10, 3:00 PM (EDT)
Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States  

Training ground for detectives and mystery sleuths.

Do you love a good mystery? The case of the missing glove? The story of the disappearing staircase? Have you ever imagined yourself as the protagonist in your own sleuthing-capade? You’re not alone. This semester we are going deep into the world of Detective Arts and Science: from mystery literature to forensic science, cypher mathematics and deductive reasoning.

We’ll learn how to conduct handwriting analysis, become masters of disguise, formulate disappearing ink, and practice deductive and inductive reasoning. We’ll study the mind, practice memory-building techniques, and challenge ourselves with theories of game and logic. We’ll study the history and methods of Cryptology, cracking codes and building ciphers. We’ll learn about forensic science: understanding fingerprints and DNA, and learning to see the world through the lens of Entomology (bug science). (Yes, studying bugs can help us solve puzzles!)

We’ll also journey into the world of mystery literature and detective fiction, learning to identify classic features like red herrings, locked rooms, and plot twists. We’ll start our own Sherlock Book Club, reading both classics and recent detective stories. Learning to identify the methods behind great suspense writing, and integrating our learnings into our own short stories.

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Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States
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