Daytime: Civic Power

$850 usd
Mon Sep 16, 9:31 AM - Mon Dec 9, 3:01 PM (EDT)
Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States  

A crash course on government, politics and people power.

The toxic national political atmosphere around us has reinvigorated student interest in civics and power. How does it all work? Together we’ll break down how the political systems around us function (and sometimes don’t!)

We’ll study how the US government is organized, from the local to the federal level: understanding the branches of government, the process of creating bills and laws, the electoral college, and the roles of parties, interest groups, and corporations in our country. We’ll look at how the U.S. is organized, in comparison to other countries around the world, with different systems for representation. We’ll analyze the local election in Hudson to understand the basic mechanics of elections and voting. We’ll read core texts like the constitution, listen to songs from Hamilton, and ask: what’s possible in the world of government, and what are the limitations? Maybe we’ll make our own comic books and zines to make sense of different political and economic systems, like socialism, communism, capitalism, anarchism, and fascism; maybe we’ll practice different forms of democracy in our own classroom. Like any board game, we have to know the rules of government in order to play: we’ll play games and role plays to simulate election debates and council meetings, seeing what it feels like to participate and to speak up about the issues we care about.

When we learn about how power works in the world, sometimes we can feel powerless. So how do people make change? We’ll learn about moments in our history when ordinary people came together to change political structures, to hold governments accountable, and to make deep and large-scale change. We’ll learn about people’s movements and campaigns for justice that are happening today, all around us. We’ll explore some of the strategies and tactics of these movements, with a special eye towards the role of youth. Kids can’t vote, but they’re making change in powerful ways around the world. What difference can young people make, and what makes youth voices uniquely powerful? As a class we’ll uncover some of the issues we care most about, reflect on our own positions in the world, and learn ways to build power for positive social change.

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Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States
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