Daytime: Game Design + Interactive Storytelling

$1000 usd
Mon Jan 28, 9:30 AM - Mon May 20, 3:00 PM (EST)
Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States  

The math and mechanics of play, the stories and worlds of games.

This class is an intro to analog game design, with a special focus on the story development and world-building that make our favorite games so absorbing. This class is a continuation of last year’s popular game design class; new and returning students are welcome.

For students interested in video game design, analog games – like board, dice and card games, parlor games, street games, and roleplaying games – are the best place to start. In this class we’ll explore the math and mechanics of games, learning about probability, randomness, luck, logic, algorithms, strategy, rule systems. And we’ll develop our design-thinking skills, creating and testing our own games.

This semester we’ll focus in on the ways that storytelling and world-building have become increasingly important in the world of games, combining game design with the art of narrative and self-expression. Interactive storytelling is a growing field of study for many in literary, media and tech communities. From linear stories to branching narratives, user-generated stories, choose-your-own-adventures, and parallel paths, designers are increasingly recognizing that the journey is often a key part of the game experience. Expansive worlds form the backdrop of many of our favorite games, with entire histories, cultures, landscapes and placenames developed around our play.

We’ll look at a range of games to ask: How do game designers construct worlds and stories? Can we convert stories into games, and games into stories? How can we engage the techniques of creative writing, traditional storytelling, historical narratives, and visual art to deepen the purpose of our games and the missions of our characters? What do the games we play teach us about human culture? What kinds of topics can our games address, what kinds of meanings and lessons could our games explore? At the end of the semester we’ll host our very own game fair, sharing our designs with our families, friends, and the local gaming community.

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Kite's Nest, 108 S Front Street, Hudson, NY, United States
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